Fay's Studio was founded in 2009 by illustrator Fay Miladowska, driven by the demand for high quality design-led greeting cards that consider the environment.

Fay started out locally, trudging the streets of Gloucestershire and Bristol with her little sales trolley in tow. The business went from strength to strength when Fay's Studio launched at Progressive Greetings Live London in 2010.

Fay completed an Arts Foundation Course at The Falmouth College of Art and Design and then graduated at The Arts Institute at Bournemouth achieving a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Illustration.

Since it's launch Fay has worked with dream clients on many very special orders and commissions. Fay never could have imagined that she would one day see her quirky illustrations on the shelves in so many well known retailers!

Fay's Studio prides itself on being different. In a competitive and ever-changing industry Fay knows the importance of creating products that meet customer demands from the design to the materials that are used to produce them. Fay's Studio is happy to be a little outlandish and will continue to bring new designs and products that stand out from the crowd.