Print & Pattern blog feature.

Today, I have featured on the wonderful Print & Pattern blogspot. I appeared there last February with some of my Valentine’s cards which brought a lot of visitors to my website. I am a huge fan of the blog and visit it every day without fail, I also own both of the books based on the blog.

The past few months have brought lots of exciting news I wanted to share and many new designs and finishes amongst my product ranges, so I contacted the publisher of the blog, and hey presto! I got a lovely write up (below) about my current work for Next and also my own new product designs.

Here is the feature in full on the Print & Pattern blog page.

26 January 2012
CARDS – fay’s studio

gloucester based illustrator fay martin was recently commissioned to create card designs for UK retailer next and has been working on her own card designs as well. fay decided to take the plunge and invest in printing her own range complete with embossing and foiling. look out for fay at the spring fair in birmingham next month and find her online here.