The QVC Experience

So, it has taken me a little while to getting round to writing this post, it’s the busiest time of year, so blogging has gone by the way side. However, I have to report back on my day at QVC and how it all went. If you saw me on any of the four shows you will have seen that I was nervous going out live, but I had warmed up by the third and fourth hour.

I was on the train to London at 7.30am on Monday 19th all ready in my dress, no make-up, that had to wait, but it gave me plenty of time to prepare for the day ahead. It’s always nice when you get to these huge companies to find that actually the staff are all really lovely and the green room was a good place to go back to and relax as I had to wait a few hours sometimes between shows.

It was remarkable to see behind the scenes of the show, fascinating to watch the cameras at work, the overhead cameras that run round above and the speediness of the crew who dress the set for each product on sale.

You’ll have to forgive my photos, unfortunately I couldn’t take any behind the scenes, but this gives you an idea of how the products looked on the show and me and Kelly promoting our collaborative designs. It still felt surreal to be discussing my illustrations transformed onto fabric products, but it has really opened new doors for me and I have so many plans for licensing in the future.

Our crown inspired throw, finished with my design in stitches.


The crown inspired cushion an ideal gift for Christmas.


The first time on air, showing off the throw to the viewers.


The products go live online to buyers.


I was so glad to have Kelly’s support on the day.


It wasn’t all scary, I did have fun with the presenters and Kelly.

If you weren’t aware, all of the design time and work involved, we did for free in aid of the Prince’s Trust. It has been a great experience, a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have to thank everyone involved from all the staff at the Trust to the mentors and all the staff at QVC that gave their time and energy for the campaign. You can still go online and purchase these for yourself or someone else, they are perfect for Christmas and do look amazing over the bed. The throw is definitely a must have for the cold snap!