Just recently I have been taking in deliveries of quite a few boxes of cards and envelopes ready to be packed by hand and sent out to customers. Here is an example of 3000 cards that had to be prepared for one of my customers who have come back with new orders. It’s great to receive repeat business, and keeps me incredibly busy. An arrival like this can be daunting, so I have to manage my time very well.

Gradually business is growing, and at a steady rate that I can cope with. I am still learning about the industry all the time. I have just registered for barcodes so that my products can be ordered in larger volumes and are ready for export.

All packed and ready to go – 3000 hand packed cards!

Soon I will be sending lots of samples to an overseas distributor who I met at Spring Fair. This is an incredibly exciting time as I wouldn’t have dreamt I’d be at this stage with my products so early on. I’m certainly getting through a few rolls of tape now.