I must admit, I am not the biggest fan of cooking. I like the process, I enjoy the cooking part. But what I find unrewarding is when you prepare and cook for over an hour for something to be gobbled up in 10 minutes. In other words I could never be a chef.

The thing I like to make most, that will last, is a big cake, that way at least it will be around for a few days, so it seems much more worth while.
So, on the odd occasion when I’m in the mood, I do bake the odd cake, and this weekend I put my hand to these scrumptious gluten-free (for me) chocolate and sour cherry brownies. Brownies are by far my favourite treat, and cherries my favourite fruit.

To finish the brownies off before baking I added pecan nuts to the top, and the result is really yummy. It is not surprising how the smell off cooking brownies draws people to the kitchen, and once they have cooled and are sliced, they are delicious served with creme fraiche and a hot mug of coffee.


I then baked this marmalade cake, it has been cut into already. Mum says it’s looks like a good fruit cake as the fruit hasn’t sunk. That’s the key apparently, of course it was all intentional.