It is with this post that I bring very exciting news for Fay’s Studio!

Since Spring Fair International in February, I have had a lot of projects in the pipeline and this week they have come to reality. I have been working closely with a fantastic distributor in New Zealand who have placed their first order for Fay’s Studio greeting cards.
It is such an exciting time for me and it’s quite unbelievable that my creations will be shipping off to the other side of the world. I feel a bit scared for them.

It will take a few months to hear any sales reports and if my ranges do well there is the possibility of extension of the range and increase of volumes. For now I am going to enjoy the moment and see what comes from this awesome opportunity. I have Spring Fair to thank for making it possible to meet buyers from outside the UK, and to the other exhibitors at the show who all gave their help and advice to launch me into exporting my products.

Please keep your fingers crossed for my cards and I will update you in a few months time.