In just a couple of months time, the night’s will have drawn in again and Halloween will be on our doorsteps with a trick or treat.

In the UK Halloween is becoming more popular, a good excuse to dress up, have fun, and enjoy some games. It is actually one of my favourite occasions and is a fantastic subject for greeting cards. The look and feel of this season is like no other.

So, here is my first range of card designs for the occasion, needless to say I had a lot of fun inventing these characters.

HW01 – Pumpkin

HW02 – Toffee Apple

HW03 – Bobbing Apples

HW04 – Skeletons

HW05 – Monster and Bride

HW06 – Marshmallows

HW07 – Witches Brew

HW08 – Trick or Treat
These designs are available to license in the UK and internationally. Please contact my agency Advocate Art if you would like to license these designs for greeting cards or other products. Here is an example of how these designs can be transformed to greeting cards.