It is often the case that I have a sudden splurge of ideas for a range of greetings cards. I put the ink drawings in random files on the computer, then get so busy that I almost forget about them.

Today on my desktop I found a rather interesting looking folder which contained six Birthday card designs I had started but hadn’t finished. With a bit of spare time today I have been able to finish these designs and have them mocked up ready for showing at Spring Fair.

Lots of girly fun!

My style seems to alter all the time, which is great when aiming to design cards for different ages. I think you’ll agree that these are definitely for the young, that teenage bracket that is hard to cater for, but which I find the most fun in terms of exploring with different themes and adding lots of splashes of bright colour. I had such a lot of fun with this sweet colour palette!

This set of six designs are 14.5cm square. They are printed onto high quality FSC matt board and come wrapped in a biodegradable bag with a pink envelope. Blank inside. They are available in packs of six to trade customers and singles will be up on the website soon.