I had been hearing a lot on the grapevine from customers that they found it difficult to find Birthday cards for those difficult ages, especially teenagers that do get a bit forgotten. So, with this in mind I set out for some inspiration for a new range. I knew I wanted to design a card for almost every special age, concentrating mostly on teenagers and as we are living longer, the 80-100 years.
I found an image which was my starting point for the colour palette. I knew I wanted a bright neon range with lots of hand drawn 3D lettering and geometric shapes.

I had already sourced neon yellow envelopes to match and decided to make this range a slightly smaller square collection measuring 125 x 125mm, I felt this was more suited to the designs.

In the end I had 27 pencil drawings all with a different look and using the palette I had worked on above. I then scanned these in to my pc and added the colour. I say it all the time but this range was a lot of fun to make and was a step away from my others styles.

You can order the ‘HOORAY! range today. Please contact me through www.faysstudio.com or email mail@faysstudio.com

Fay x