Do you ever have those days where nothing goes according to plan?
Yesterday morning, I began to get a migraine, it always starts in the back of my left eye and is horrible. I know I spend too much time at the computer screen. If I had an office job I would get more breaks, but the business doesn’t look after itself unfortunately.

The plan for yesterday was to pop into Bristol and visit a few retailers before attending a Prince’s Trust event. However, as I don’t drive I rely on public transport, but in Gloucestershire buses come when they want to not when you need them to, so I missed my train to Bristol.
I didn’t want to wait an hour for the next bus so walked all the way home again with all of my products in tow and by the time I got home I was shattered and like a migraine zombie.

My evening in Bristol was all planned, I had a Prince’s Trust event to attend as I was going to be setting up a little trade stand and meeting guests who were going to the Red Dinner. I hate letting anyone down, so despite being poorly, my Dad took me all the way to Bristol and waited for me. I was so glad I went though, as a) I don’t get out much and b) I had a lovely evening.

On arrival at the venue, the fantastic Clifton College, the Prince’s Trust sign greeted me along with some spectacular views.

The wonderful library was ours for the evening, where I set out my cards for the guests to see and buy.

I now have over 200 designs to choose from so finding space for them all was a challenge, but lots were snapped up last night, the favourites of the evening being Mother’s Day of course, and my new ‘Ditsy Hearts’ range.

Despite looking forward to heading home to bed, I did have a lovely evening and got chatting with some really nice people about my business. Many of the guests remarked how different my cards are compared to others in the shops and how much my ranges vary whilst keeping my unique style. It’s great to have feedback from people who have never seen my products before as it does remind me why I love doing what I do.