Monday 14th May saw the launch of the Prince’s Trust new national campaign called ‘Tomorrow‘. Tomorrow embodies the vision at the very heart of The Prince’s Trust, that they believe every young person should have the chance to succeed. The campaign is championing the young talent of Britain and pairing 6 individuals with a mentor.

I am really lucky to have been selected for the campaign, and I have been chosen by Interior Designer Kelly Hoppen MBE to design some products together to help raise funds for the Prince’s Trust which we will sell exclusively through the QVC shopping channel.

The Sunday Times Style Magazine first featured the campaign on 13th May.

Sunday Times Style Magazine – Sunday 13th May 2012

Here you can learn more about Kelly and her award-winning design business. Kelly is also an Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust.

What caught your eye about Fay? What’s special about her?

KH “She has a great talent and is very creative. I also like the fact that she is humble, which is a great quality to have in creativity.”

How do you plan to help her? What are you aiming to produce together?

KH “I plan on passing some of my entrepreneurial knowledge on to Fay, I hope it will help her own business to grow. We are going to work together with QVC to produce a fabric related product. I’m also hoping to be mentoring Fay on the importance of visual merchandising in interiors.”

Kelly and I first met at the photo shoot for the campaign, at the Rankin studio in London. Rankin is a renowned photographer, founder of Dazed & Confused magazine, and has photographed the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Queen and Madonna.

Here is my feedback from the day of the photo shoot.

The Tomorrow campaign has highlighted how awful things had become for me a few years ago and how I felt as another young person in the queue at the job centre. The recent youth unemployment figures do make me feel angry and empathetic to those in that place now. Here are my thoughts on what the Tomorrow campaign is aiming to achieve, and by working with Kelly and demonstrating how I can transfer my skills, I hope to inspire other young people into creative businesses.

I am really excited about working with Kelly, as she is someone who also has a really distinct style. Kelly has spent years developing her unique and recognisable brand, something which I am always striving to achieve. I know that I have a lot to learn from Kelly and her business, and I am really looking forward to our design and production meetings and our involvement with QVC.

The campaign has really engaged the media, here is the article featured on the Female First website.
The Prince’s Trust have created posters which will be displayed nationally.

Watch this space, as I have so much to reveal as things develop…