As you’ve read in recent posts I am the winner of the Harrods Street Party Window competition, and the launch day is really close now.

I hadn’t realised how wide spread the competition had been, with lots of the fashion magazines featuring it online, lots of bloggers writing about it, alongside Harrods themselves tweeting and promoting it on their Facebook page.

Since being announced the winner, I have had lots of contact with Harrods visual team, and I’ve been able to have even more input into the design by submitting a drawing of how I would like the window to look. The merchandisers have gone to every length to achieve my vision for the window, and I know it is going to look amazing!

Not only will my design inspirations be used to create the display, but I have also been invited to include my greeting cards on the party table, which featured on my Pinboard. My company name and website will also be getting a mention, so this has become an even more exciting event for my young business.

You will be able to visit my window from Tuesday 15th May until 15th June, all of the other windows sounds fantastic too and will be very different to mine. There are also some beautiful ballgowns on display to coincide with the V&A’s exhibitions, so there is a lot to see on your visit.

Both myself and my plus one (Mum) will be heading to London on the 14th and then will be attending a press breakfast on the Tuesday morning. This opportunity has overwhelmed me a little and the launch isn’t even here yet.
I know Mum will have a lovely day too, and she deserves it after all of the help she has given over the past few years.

I look forward to blogging again soon about the day itself, and sharing all of the photos with you.