As you may be aware, when I launched my business three years ago, I had the help and support of a fantastic business mentor provided by the Prince’s Trust, who stayed around for two years to guide me through the early stages of growing the business.
His wealth of knowledge and experience definitely prevented me from making some early errors, and I learnt so much from having this extra support.

It is especially important as well to have a guide outside of family and friends who may blindly lead you down the wrong path, you need an impartial point of view when making decisions and this can usually only be provided by outside help.

In the light of the new government scheme providing start-up businesses with a loan of £2500, it has never been more important to also offer alongside financial help, the support and guidance of a well-rehearsed mentor.

I had to form a business plan before I was awarded any money at the Prince’s Trust, it wasn’t just handed to me, and I was only able to complete the plan with the help of a mentor. The first couple of years of a business are make or break and my mentor helped me to stay on track.


So, on Monday 25th June, live on the Guardian Small Business Network web page, you will be able to post me any questions you might have about working with a mentor, the importance of networking and any general questions about your fledgling business.

Feel free to get in touch (start networking now) at anytime on twitter using @FaysStudio in your message.
Here is the link to the Guardian website where the Q&A session will take place. Don’t miss it!
Monday 11-1pm.