As many of you may already know, Paperchase have started stocking a selection of my Valentine’s Day cards in their Tottenham Court Road, London and St. Mary’s Gate, Manchester stores. As London is a little closer to home I decided to go and visit the store with my Mum, Dad and boyfriend on Saturday.

We took a coach to Victoria for a comfortable and stress-free journey, and since we had all got out of bed very early that morning, most of us had a little nap on the way there. The tubes were a nightmare on the Saturday so we taxied through London, and it was really nice to go past Buckingham Palace, Marble Arch and Leicester Square, a very small bit of sight seeing before the exciting event.

We had a very chatty driver who claimed to have had the likes of David Cameron, Ann Widdecombe, Stephen Fry and Richard Branson in the back of his cab, and he was very amused by our Gloucestershire accents.

Our trip was also a chance for me to meet and catch up with one of my closest friends, so it was an all round lovely day.

A first glimpse at the store to find my greeting cards.

I was really pleased to find my cards under the designated section for Valentine’s Day and a whole line of a shelf with my cards on. It was a slightly strange feeling to know that these have come all the way from my tiny Studio in Cam into this huge store!

Here I am with a big smile, having found my cards on the 4th shelf.


To think that two years ago this was all just a pipe dream. I have come a long way since then. Some of this has been down to just being in the right place at the right time, but I have to also say that it’s been a lot of hard work, paper cuts, sweat and tears. But so worth it when you get results like this!

So, if you’re near the store anythime soon, please pop in and have a look and maybe do a little shopping too.


‘I Walked and I Walked’ for Stella Bombella and thanks also go to Becky for her photos too.