For Thunder Bay Press, I worked on an enormous project to design a ‘Color Your Own Tarot‘ collectors book and set of tarot cards. The whole project took many months from initial sketches to completed illustrations, I even designed a whole alphabet to use throughout the book and cards.

Thinking back to this project, I don’t know how I did it. The amount of detail was intense and I had a lot to learn about Tarot cards just to take on the project.

However, the finished book is something I am very proud to have accomplished, and is no doubt one of the most in depth commissions I have ever taken on. There was possibly hundreds of amends, which is the nature of being a freelance illustrator.

Not only that, but the footprint which is created online by all of the users and reviewers, I never would have imagined that the end user would have so much to say about it, to be complimentary about the illustrations, which were in the Art Nouveau style as commissioned by the book publisher.

Here is a video review by a tarot card and colouring book enthusiast in America. Skip to the 2nd minute of the video to see her flip through the book and explain how it works.