I am so delighted announce that Fay’s Studio is now an Award Winning business. I am so thrilled!

Last night, the glitzy Stroud Life Business Awards took place at The Old Lodge in Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire. The ceremony brought together businesses from across Gloucestershire, to enjoy an evening of champagne and fine dining. My Mum aka trade show partner came along to support me at the event, and as it was also her Birthday, it was an extra special celebration.

I was already over the moon to have been announced as a finalist in two of the award categories, ‘Young Business of the Year’ and ‘Business Person of the Year’.

The rain did not stop last night, in fact by the end of the evening it was soaking up through the thick matted flooring, so we were all glad to be under a huge marquee in the grounds of the Old Lodge.

Winner of ‘Young Business of the Year’!

We all took our seats and each found a book which listed all of the categories and the finalists. Mum and I were in good company sharing a table with RDS Technology Ltd winners of ‘The Diamond Jubilee Business of the Year’ Award. Our table was right at the back, so we were all convinced that we weren’t going to be winning an award, and we joked about the very long walk to the stage if we did.

After a lovely meal the announcements commenced. The evening was hosted by Jason Chare, Editor of Stroud Life Newspaper and sports broadcaster and journalist Jill Douglas. Local celeb Eddie the Eagle was also a special guest in the audience!

When the ‘Young Business of the Year’ category came up, I was nail-bitingly nervous, and not expecting to hear my business name called, I was shocked when Jill Douglas announced ‘Fay’s Studio’!!

The adrenaline rush took over as I took the long walk to the stage to lots of applause and many in the crowd congratulated me on the way which was really nice. I had my photo taken with Nicole Archer from Agenda Magazine, sponsors of the category.

Being presented with my Award (photo courtesy of Stroud Life)


The Award is really stunning, cut and engraved in a diamond shape. I am so proud of it, and it’s going to take centre stage in my Studio. It’s the first time I have won an award for the business, and it is wonderful to receive recognition for all of the work that has gone in to making the business what it is today. It’s even more special in the Diamond Jubilee Year and all the memories I have from what has been an amazing 12 months!


I was also presented with a certificate for being a finalist in the ‘Business Person of the Year’ category, the winners were two very worthy and excited ladies who own BarBar Nursery in three sites across Gloucestershire.

All of the winners were invited back to the stage for one final group photo. Mum captured me in this photo.

And here we are enjoying the celebrations later in the evening, full of excitement and happiness!

What a wonderful evening! Huge thanks go to the organisers for putting on such a fun event and congratulations to all of the other finalists and winners!

Now to find a place to put my shiny Award!!

Fay x